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This is a complete tutorial on both hardware and software code for Arduino based obstacle avoidance car using Servo Motor, DC Motor and Ultrasound Sensor

Lets begin at the end and see the demo

This is how the final car is seen avoiding obstacle and calibrating when to move forward / backward and when to turn

GIF of Final Obstacle Avoiding Car in Action !

Yes, cut as many points in the looks department but its surely makes it up in the feel department, as it runs like a beast, avoids collision turns around with a swag :-)

Written by Shivam Kaushik

“Global IT industry is on pace to reach $5 trillion in 2019” (source:

Economies, jobs, and personal lives are becoming more digital, more connected, and increasingly, more automated. With innovations and new technologies coming to fruition every day, there is an ever-increasing demand of a workforce capable of using those new technologies to their best capabilities. There is no industry without its employees, and the recruitment process of those employees if far from perfect.

With the continued increase in the growth of the IT industry, the challenges pertaining to recruitment have gone unsolved. …

Our story of ADFS integration with PHP Based LMS Application

The Intent : Why did we write this story

As we embarked on the ADFS SSO integration with our PHP based LMS system, we could not find much available on the internet. Finally after much iterations and frustrations we were able to integrate.

More than talking about advantages of SSO (which is much understood anyways), our main aim is to leave the (PHP) developers with an article, so that their struggle may reduce in case they embark on a similar journey

Short Background

We run a LMS (Learning Management System) software product team. …

A picture is worth a thousand words” is how the old adage goes. And a video contains 24 pictures per second. Now, just imagine how much information is stored in a full-length video!

But alas, Video Search methodologies today are as old as the adage itself. Videos are cool, but less searchable. The only way to search the contents of a video is through Scrubbing. Labouring through millions of words worth of information, what a Scrubbing Hell!

The Scrubbing Hell

So, my work involves numerous zoom meetings with clients, and I record each session for later reference, when I have to prepare a…


Technologist for 20+ Years. CTO of product Company. IIT Kanpur, India Alumnus

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